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A review of all the hiking gear I use when I hike all the best hiking trails in the world.

Appalachian Trail Gear Review

Appalachian Trail Gear Review

This is my Lightweight Appalachian Trail Gear review. Thru Hiking is incredibly demanding on both the hiker and equipment. A hiker using good, lightweight equipment has a better chance of finishing a hike than ... Read More...

Appalachian Trail Gear List

This is my complete Appalachian Trail Gear List. Most of this gear is not new and has withstood 1000s of miles of hiking and cycle touring. A lot of this gear is still with me after hiking the Pacific Crest Tra... Read More...
Lightweight Hiking Gear List

Lightweight Hiking Gear List

This is my complete Lightweight Hiking Gear list. This gear list enables me to hike almost anywhere in the world in anything but the most extreme of weather. In the last 3 years I have hiked over 9000km and fee... Read More...
CDT Gear review

CDT Gear Review

CDT Gear ReviewA complete CDT gear review for my 2016 Thru Hike of the Continental Divide Trail. My base weight was around 6kg (13lb), but this depended on where I was hiking. When hiking in the snows of Co... Read More...
CDT hiking gear list

CDT Hiking Gear List

Here is my CDT hiking gear list for my 2016 hike of the Continental Divide Trail.Shelter + Pack + Sleep SystemNemo Hornet 1 Person Tent- 850 Gram Osprey Packs Exos 48- 900 grams (minus the b... Read More...
Pct Gear review

Thru Hiking PCT Gear Review

My PCT gear review is an honest report on how I thought my gear performed while hiking the PCT.PCT Gear ReviewShelter - PCT Gear ReviewTent - Big Agnes - Fly Creek Ul 2P- 1050 Gram - I started with this ... Read More...

Pacific Crest Trail Gear list

My Pacific Crest Trail Gear List that I will be carrying for the 5 months while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.Not everything listed below will be carried everyday on the trail. For example, no use carrying e... Read More...

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