Dockside Hobart

Dockside in Hobart

What to do for a couple of days in Hobart? Act like a normal tourist for a change, me!

Salamanca Market

I looked at the ideas of what to do from blogs and guidebooks and this is what I choose to do. I wandered around the Dockside area then made my way to the Salamanca Markets is the done thing every Saturday so I went to observe the market scene.

Salamanca Markets, Hobart

Salamanca Market

Salamaca Markets Hobart

Salamaca Markets

Salamanca Markets Hobart

Salamanca Markets

Mona Gallery

Mona Gallery which is world class Art Gallery in every way except I failed to see the art in the same way that others do, I didn’t get most of it. I also ventured to the Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery which was free and worthwhile.

MONA Gallery Hobart

MONA Gallery, Hobart


I wandered around the waterfront and had seafood for lunch. Yes seafood, anybody who knows me knows I’m not the biggest fan. My friends Peggy and John introduced to how good seafood can taste when I was recently in Sydney….

Salt and Pepper Squid at one of the many dockside eateries

Salt and Pepper Squid in one of the many eateries in the dockside area of Hobart

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