Cycling around the Bay of Fires


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The Bay of Fires in Tasmania has been noted as one of the nicest places in the world. Storms and sickness left me somewhat underwhelmed.

Cycling Bay of Fires.

I left Douglas Apsley National Park a bit late. The drizzle and rain in the morning but when I did get on the road I was greeted with 30km/h tailwinds which made for quick riding up the east coast to the Bay of Fires National Park. I met 2 solo cyclists at different times heading into the wind, only a couple of hours apart. I haven’t met that many cyclist, considering it is well known among the cycle touring community how awesome Tasmania is.

While at the campsite at the Bay of Fires I looked at the weather forecast for the next couple of days and it was rain and showers. Guess not everyday is picture perfect. But I set off anyway to overcast and threatening clouds which didn’t take long to fulfill all their promise of rain. It made for cold wet riding so I limped into a campsite and waited out the stormy weather. The rain didn’t stop that day. I could blame the weather but I was feeling rather ill. Vomiting and with a complete lack of energy. Its one thing to feel this way while having all the comforts of home, its another to be confined to a tent with no facilities or comforts.

I didn’t see the area under the best conditions. Only about 1 hour of sunshine during one morning and feeling a bit under the weather. I’m sure its a much nicer place when in good weather and health.

  • Douglas Apsley NP to Bay of Fires NP = 91km
  • Riding around Bay of Fires = 21km
Bay of Fires
Bay of Fires

Have you been to the Bay of Fires? What did you like best?
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4 thoughts on “Cycling around the Bay of Fires”

  1. Hi Brad,

    Hope you are feeling better!

    Have to say I was underwhelmed buy the Bay of Fires as well, probably the weather and smell of rotting seaweed. Conditions can be all!

    Back in Hobart now after climbing over the top alongside the Great Lake! Tough climb from Deloraine and supper cold on the way down to Bothwell!

    I’m claiming the Devil sighting on Maria Island as well:-)


    • Yeah feeling better, currently in Deloraine, I know what you mean by the tough climb I did it on my second day on the bike. Yep I’m claiming the sighting on Maria Island. Good luck with your travels and I would like to hear about cycling in Iceland, sounds like a great trip.


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