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  1. Thank you for sharing the video of your hike. I enjoyed all seven minutes and recognized lots of pictures from your blog posts this summer. I checked your blog nearly every morning this summer as I enjoyed a cup of coffee. Loved the video at the end of you reaching Canada ~ what an exciting moment! It brought a tear to my eye. Yours was my favorite PCT blog that I read this summer.

    Your beautiful photos and stories of adventure have made my own dream of hiking on the PCT even more real. I never thought I could actually do it, but I think about it day and night and find myself trying to figure out a way. I am a teacher and will never have May or anytime during or after August off work, and I have a husband with a bad knee who doesn’t hike. I would hate to leave him for 5 months to complete a thru-hike. Daughter graduates college in May and begins her career, and son graduates high school in a year and a half. Perhaps then I could sneak away for a few weeks and at least get to enjoy some of the trail in June and July so that I could be back home in August to prepare for a new school year. My father said he would love to follow me in his truck for those weeks and meet me in towns for resupply, which would be great. I find myself wondering if I am crazy to think I could accomplish this, but on the other hand I think I would drive myself crazy if I don’t at least attempt it someday. I don’t want to hike that far alone, but I doubt there is a huge demand for anyone wanting to hike for weeks with a middle-aged “empty-nester” in moderate physical shape from halfway across the country who likes to hike slowly and take lots of pictures without the time constraints of a thru-hike! Or maybe there are more women like me than I think ~ women who feel guilty of even thinking of taking that much time away from their families to accomplish a dream they are afraid they may never get to accomplish. Hopefully someday my dream will become a reality. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying day hikes.

    Looking forward to more posts from Mexico and later your CDT hike! Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Heather. There are no rules with regard to how you hike the PCT. You can take as long as you want to attempt it as a thru hike. There are many people on the trail from every background imaginable so don’t think you will be unique. Sorry to burst your bubble on that one. There are many hundreds of hikers who spends days, weeks, months or years hiking the trail. Some hikers have been hiking small sections of the trail over many years. I heard of, but never met, one guy who planned to finish his last section this year. He started hiking the trail 20 years ago. I can only assume that work and family commitments were priority enough for him to take his time.
      You are certainly in a great position to hike sections of the trail. You will meet great people. If I can assist or encourage you in anyway, please let me know.

    2. So Heather, hypothetically speaking, where would you start? How far would you try to hike? How many miles a day? I would also love to do this, but I know I could never complete in one season.

      1. Merry Christmas Brad. I want to thank you for your gift of creating this blog this year and sharing your adventure.

  2. Beautiful. Very excited to hear you are doing the CDT next year! I haven’t had a good CDT blog to follow since Wired in 2013. Can’t wait!

    1. Thanks Ian. I hope I can live up to wired standard with my blog. I’ll be southbound at this stage, unless the weather and trail conditions determine a last minute change of plan in which case I’ll head northbound.

  3. Great video, Brad. I even recognized some pictures from when you posted them during your trip. Question – what was the music you chose to accompany the video? It was a perfect choice, Brad, and would love to check out that artist. Merry Christmas, mate. Be safe.

    Mike M., Riverside, CA

  4. I love the video. I am so glad that I met you at the start of your PCT hike, (remember I offered the cold root beer). I enjoyed living your hike day to day . I was very excited when you reached Canada, but also sad. I can only imagine how it must be for anyone that did the hike start to finish. The first feeling of what an accomplishment and then -what now? All the people you met on the trail, you endured soooo much together. I really have missed the day to day descriptions of the hike. However, I do enjoy your road trip blogs. Stay safe and keep traveling!

    1. Thanks Heather I remember you and your husband (what was his name, I neglected to write it in my diary), that was my second day on the trail. I thought I might see you both again at Kennedy meadows but I think I was there a couple of days before your planned date. As for what now! There is a well known saying, ‘hiking the pct will ruin your life, in the best possible way’. I’ll be hiking the CDT this coming summer so stay tuned.

      1. Hey, Hey, Hey, I’m Karen and my husband is Richard. We did go to Kennedy Meadows but you had left the day before. It was very interesting talking to several hikers that were there. I met Fearless Sarah from Hawaii. I am just fascinated by how far you all travel to hike the PCT. It’s right here in my backyard (sort of) and I never gave it much thought, until I started traveling to San Diego on a regular basis and realized the trail started just a few miles from where I visit. My husband was nice enough to take me to every place the trail crossed the road and we hiked a mile or two at each stop. That’s actually when we ran into you. I was kinda goofy in that I would just walk up to a hiker, and ask if they minded if I walked with them for just a bit and everyone was really nice and let me talk their ear off. That particular day we met you, before I could catch up to you, you had left the trail for water, that’s when we took our little hike then met you as you walked by our truck. Ok, I’m all out of control here, so excited about your CDT hike. I hope you are able to post often, and I will shut up for now.
        Thanks again

      2. Thanks Karen. The PCT has a powerful influence on the people. In a short couple of months a new group of people will start their trek with just as much fear, wonder, pain and enjoyment as I had on mine. Maybe you will meet many from the class of 2016. Great to meet you both on the trail.

  5. A wonderful video, thanks for sharing it. Can only imagine what will flood your mind and emotions as you watch this in times to come.

  6. We were wondering what you were up to in Mexico as we had not heard for a while. Video wonderful! Hope all well. Good Luck. Hugh and Frances

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